Matteo Carcassi's guitar method from 1853

Methode complete pour guitare Op.59

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Matteo Carcassi (1792-1853) was one of the most prominent classical guitar players of the romantic era, with his work still being studied nowadays.

In his guitar method book: Methode complete pour guitare op.59 written in 1836, divides the guitar instruction in 3 parts with the following topics covered in this website.

  1. Basic music notation
  2. Guitar
  3. First Position Exercises
  4. Chords
  5. Arpeggios Exercises
  6. Popular Keys
    1. C Major with exercises, prelude and a little piece


  • New and Improved Method for the Guitar, by Matteo Carcassi, Boston : Oliver Ditson & Co, 1853, p. .,
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    • 1853 - Matteo Carcassi

Description of the guitar method suggested by Matteo Carcassi in 1853 as appeared in his famous "Methode complete pour guitare" book

Basic musical concepts. Understand musical terminology and how concepts relate to each other.
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