Basic Guitar Arpeggios Concepts

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An Arpeggio is a number of notes played successively in uniform order, and which, when united, form chords.1


Left hand

To execute the Arpeggio well, the fingers of the left hand should be placed no the notes forming the chord on which the arpeggio is to be player, before making the strings vibrate.

Fingers should remain forming the chord, until the last note of the Arpeggio is struck, then pass to the next chord.

Each note of the Arpeggio is an essential part, so it is important to not quit the fingers from the notes as soon as they are stroke, to generate the appropriate vibration of the whole chord.

Right hand

Fingers of the right hand should touch the string only to make them vibrate, not keep touching to let them vibrate freely.


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Description of Arpeggios for guitar.

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